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Leadership Team

Brent Mudry


Brent is a recently retired RCMP member (civilian financial investigator and analyst).

His stock market probe team developed strong relationships with the SEC, FBI, BaFin and Canadian regulators. 

Brent’s grandparents emigrated from western Ukraine to Calgary amid earlier conflicts.  His baba left Lviv as a baby; his dido fled Ternopil amid the Russian Revolution.

Brent was previously an award-winning investigative journalist; his Canada Stockwatch scoops were followed by the Globe and Mail, National Post, CBC, BBC, Bloomberg, Wall Street Journal and New York Times. 

A champion bicycle racer in his youth, he traded the wheels for the pen as a sports journalist covering cycling, triathlon and track and field.

Andrew Richards


Andrew is a veteran of several Canadian Armed Forces and NATO peacekeeping missions.  He served tours with Operation Palladium in the former Yugoslavia (Bosnia-Herzegovina) and Op-Athena in Afghanistan.

His Palladium deployment duties included humanitarian aid distribution and assessing refugee movements for the UNHCR.

Andrew’s awards include commendations from the Canadian Forces and the Royal Gurhka Regiment of the British Army.

He continues to serve his country as a law enforcement peace officer with CBSA, after a stint as a part-time paramedic, with EMR - TAC Med training.

Andrew, a BCIT business grad, is a member of the Royal Canadian Dragoons and Royal Westminster Regiment Associations. 


(identity protected for operational security)


Brian is a Canadian Armed Forces veteran, serving operations abroad.  After his active service stint, he built a career as a successful businessman in Canada’s transportation industry.

Brian helped launch Defend Ukraine Foundation, raised tonnes of non-lethal military and medical aid, and kicked off Operation Uno, our first air freight load.

After setting Operations Dos and Tres in play, Brian answered the call of Ukrainians and communities desperate for western military training.

For almost two months, he has been embedded in a Territorial Defence Unit, training 140 patriots in three platoons in the theory, art, science and techniques of Canadian and NATO modern field warfare.  

Brian’s well-honed company of brothers come from all walks of life, including business, professions, labour and academia.

Douglas Setter
Warehouse Ops Director

Doug is a retired career Canadian Armed Forces veteran, serving operations abroad.  Doug has served in the Canadian Airborne Regiment and a United Peacekeeping tour of the former Yugoslavia (now Croatia). As an infantry sergeant, he trained over 35 courses and over 300 trainees.  

As a military and firearms instructor, Doug trained over 400 army reservists in physical conditioning, communications, driving skills, team building, leadership, firearms safety, tactics and outdoor survival skills.

After active duty, Doug has built twin careers in writing and training in the health and wellness sectors, serving in coach, lecturer and author roles.

A BSc. grad from the University of Manitoba, his mission is to help improve people's lives with training in balance, strength, fitness, leadership and outdoor survival.

Doug has written over 100 articles and blogs and authored several books, including: Flat Gut After 50, Fit Femme After 50, Flat Gut After COVID and Reduce Your Alcohol Craving.

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